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About Impact Jersey

In 2021, the Government of Jersey received a dividend from JT, £20 million of which was earmarked for the Technology Accelerator Fund in the 2022-2025 Government Plan. The Fund will provide funding for the Impact Jersey scheme.

The Impact Jersey scheme will focus on projects that benefit the island through the use of technology, enable progress and grow our economy, preserve our environment and make Jersey a better place to live.

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Impact Jersey FAQs

The Government of Jersey, through its delivery partner Digital Jersey, have launched Impact Jersey. Impact Jersey is a new scheme to support the island’s future economy, environmental ambitions and community goals by accelerating and strengthening Jersey’s technology ecosystem.

There has never been a more critical time for resourceful entrepreneurs, innovators and Islanders who think differently to focus on the changes we can make to positively impact our island’s future economy, environment and society.

Money to support the delivery of Impact Jersey was budgeted for the Technology Fund in the 2022-2025 Government of Jersey Plan.

The First Open Programme was a scheme that encouraged businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to develop ideas and projects using technology to support the delivery of Jersey’s strategic priorities: cultivating skills, tackling climate change, improving housing, transport and health.

A panel of independent judges will evaluate applications.

Impact Jersey is not an investment fund. Impact Jersey will fund projects that will deliver value to Jersey to address strategic priorities set by government.

The First Open Programme opened in June 2023. The second open programme is called CareTech, opening for applications on 6th June.

For each programme, the process for applying for funding will be set out on this website.

Each programme will have eligibility criteria – for example the 1st Open Programme focused on Jersey-based businesses and innovators. This will be set out in application process for each programme.

The maximum funding available for each programme will vary depending on the complexity of the programme. The First Open Programme maximum grant was £75,000 per successful applicant.

If you feel like the process for assessing your application was not suitable, please contact us at and we will provide access to the formal online complaint form. Complaints should include sufficient details, such as the nature of the complaint, date and time of the incident, relevant documentation, and the desired outcome. Impact Jersey will acknowledge the complaint within 48 hours, and an impartial complaint investigation will take place internally. Throughout this process, Impact Jersey will keep you informed. Once the investigation is complete, we will communicate the findings and proposed resolution to the complainant.

Conflicts of interest are vital in the context of Jersey, and therefore we have designed a process that highlights conflicts from as many directions as suitably possible. Initially, throughout the application process, you will be asked to identify if you have any known conflicts of interest with parties involved in the operation & decision-making for Impact Jersey. This can include anyone involved in the process within the Government of Jersey or within Digital Jersey. Additionally, conflicts with the impartial, independent judging panel will be identified and mitigated as part of the judging process. If a conflict arises it will be discussed, and where possible mitigated to enable as many islanders as possible to access funding. However, if no suitable mitigation can be put in place, a conflicted application will need to be rejected. If you want to understand more about whether you have any conflicts of interest when applying to Impact Jersey, please email

Impact Jersey has sought an independent, impartial panel of five judges. These judges will go through a defined process to review and evaluate the applications, including a scoring, review & interview process. Impact Jersey will provide more information on the judging panel once the application window has closed. If you have any questions about the judges or the judging process, please email

Impact Jersey will be holding various events throughout the open application window. Please subscribe here for updates on these and other Impact Jersey news. If you have any additional questions regarding the application process and getting information on your application, please email

Pending all post application criteria being met i.e. company registration, due diligence etc. grant payments for CareTech will be  made in Q4 2024.

You do not need to have already registered your business to apply.  However, if you are successful, prior to grant award, you will be expected to have registered your business.  You may register as a sole trader or by incorporating a company.  You can find more information about how to do this here.

You do not need to have a business bank account set-up to apply.  However, if you are successful, we will require you to have a UK or Jersey bank account (GBP) matching the name of your registered business before we can make payment of the grant award.