Discover Our Priorities

We focus on funding a range of technology solutions to key issues and addressing strategic priorities defined by the Government of Jersey. To delve deeper into Ministerial Priorities click on pages 6 & 7 of the Impact Jersey Strategic Programme Proposal. 




Improve productivity in existing economic sectors

A strong and productive economy is central to delivering a globally competitive island. To realise the island’s ambitions we must adopt the right technologies to enhance the productivity of existing sectors and create new, future-focused products and services.

Support the development of new economic sectors

Technology adoption has the power to create new sectors, diversify the economy and help the island seize new opportunities for growth.

Improve the health and wellbeing of Jersey’s population

The right technology solutions will support people to make healthier lifestyle choices, help islanders to live independently for longer, and make active travel choices.

Improve sustainable transport options for islanders

Sustainable transport choices are paramount for the island to meet its environmental goals. Technology can help islanders reduce their carbon footprint by planning journeys using shared services, reduce single vehicle occupancy and increase the uptake of alternative transport options.

Help address the island’s housing and infrastructure needs

We need to ensure our housing stock is fit for purpose, sustainable and affordable. We need to use technology to better understand how our buildings perform and transform the way we design and build our future homes.

Central markets

Improve supply chain resilience

The island is heavily dependent on importing of key supplies like food, medicine and building materials. Technology can help us plan, manage and deliver goods to the island and improve the resilience of our supply chain.

Respond to the climate emergency

Technology is used across the globe to address the climate emergency. Jersey is uniquely positioned to test, trial and experiment with a range of technologies that could help us better understand both local and global environmental impacts.

Ensure islanders have the right skills for the future economy

In a rapidly evolving world, the need to learn never stops. Every sector, new and established, requires people with the right skill-set and mindset to help their organisations flourish.