"In Jersey we have a strong community and we can really benefit from smart technology to enhance engagement and collaboration"
Michael Ruane
Andium Homes

Tell us a little bit about your idea and your journey to coming up with it.

The aim of our Realtime Sensor IoT Project is to directly benefit some of the most vulnerable people in our Island community and to provide solutions for challenges they face using technology.

We have carefully considered the benefits and use of sensor technology for the last couple of years to establish the right approach to ensuring a scalable and resilient solution to obtaining real-time insights to help inform and solve the Island’s greatest challenges in social housing including energy consumption, early flood detection and damp and mould issues.


How will Impact Jersey help your project grow further? Where will you take your project after Impact Jersey?

55% of our clients use our online services, this new technology provides a direct benefit to our clients who would not normally have access to this technology. It provides an opportunity to increase digital inclusion and help Clients in their home to live sustainably.

Impact Jersey will serve as a catalyst for our project, helping us refine our pilot program focusing on 10 homes and various communal areas. We aim to optimise our sensor technology and data analytics for wider deployment.

We plan to scale the project across our entire housing stock. The technology will enable real-time insights of different environments, facilitating a more proactive  maintenance service delivery and contributing to our sustainability goals.


What makes Jersey a great place for innovative projects?

Jersey is an ideal setting for technological innovation for several reasons, particularly due to our self-sufficiency, our geographically contained environment, our ability for facilitating close monitoring and management of this solution.

In Jersey we have a strong community and we can really benefit from smart technology to enhance engagement and collaboration among islanders and local businesses to ensure the successful adoption of new technologies.


What does innovation mean to you?

We are passionate about innovation and challenging the way we approach and overcome complex challenges. Innovation is one of our Strategic Business Plan objectives to ensure we constantly evolve and continue to provide quality and sustainable social housing in Jersey for future generations.


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