Call the AI CareTech Matchmaking

Call the AI


With over 25 years of experience in healthcare industry technology, the team at Call The AI has developed the VITARYS range of AI assistants to revolutionise caregiving:

1- AI Policy Advisor: a real-time policy guidance available at the end of a phone line in multiple languages.

2- AI Virtual Carer: During home visits, the Virtual Carer listens passively and compiles a comprehensive visit report at the end of each visit.

3- AI Fall Guardian: Using advanced sensors and AI algorithms, the guardian detects falls accurately and promptly, and then not only alerts the office but also calls the patient to check on their well-being. Based on the interaction, it can then take appropriate action.

4- AI Companion : An advanced, proactive assistant designed to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of home automation devices. Unlike traditional voice-activated systems like Alexa, our AI Companion goes a step further by intuitively understanding and anticipating your patient’s needs. Over time, it learns from the preferences and routines, allowing it to predict and fulfil their needs effortlessly.

CareBuilder CareTech Matchmaking



CareBuilder is at the forefront of Technology Enabled Care, championing a person-centred approach that promotes independent living with choice and control.

Our system is designed to support diverse care settings, enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable individuals. The advanced IoT (Internet of Things) platform uses advanced AI and integrates seamlessly with an array of sensors, wearables, communication devices, and home automation tools. This integration bolsters the safety and independence of users while facilitating meaningful connections with their carers, families, and broader communities.

Our technology can be tailored to meet specific needs, ranging from a simple touchscreen tablet or sensor to a comprehensive array of IoT devices. This flexibility underpins the innovative hybrid or dispersed care model developed and utilised by leading government agencies and care providers in the UK and on mainland Europe.

Carezapp CareTech Matchmaking



Care technology for people who care, Carezapp helps to safeguard vulnerable people, even when you cannot always be there!

Carezapp connects and informs people, delivering real-time information that not only empowers them but also provides peace of mind. Our care technology, designed to enhance independence, safety, and well-being, stands out in its crucial role in safeguarding.

Carezapp is a purpose-driven company built upon the foundation that by working with innovative care providers and partner organisations, we can inspire amazing transformations through care technology in supporting people in their homes or other social care settings.

We are keen to collaborate with care providers to deliver solutions that meet CareTech’s challenges. Your expertise and insights are invaluable to us.

Colligo Labs CareTech Matchmaking

Colligo Labs

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End to end tech and support to match the right care with the right providers in real time.

Devstars CareTech Matchmaking

Devstars Jersey


Jersey-based Devstars is a pioneering digital agency with over 20 years of experience. Established in 2003, we specialise in bespoke web and application development, delivering innovative and scalable solutions for a diverse range of clients, including start-ups, government bodies, and multinational corporations.

Our Jersey base allows us to collaborate closely with local partners. Committed to environmental sustainability and user-centric design, our mission is to solve complex problems through creative digital strategies.

We have a number of ideas for the project that we are currently developing and are keen to partner with companies in the sector. Get in touch if you think we might be a good fit.

Doccla CareTech Matchmaking



Doccla is Europe’s leading Remote Patient Monitoring service, helping patients stay out of hospital unless they absolutely need to be there.
We combine patient vital signs, subjective responses and dialogue with clinicians to form a real-time picture of patients’ health state across hundreds of acute and chronic clinical pathways, detecting deterioration before it happens and enabling early intervention.
We are the NHS’ leading supplier of Virtual Ward services, caring for >10,000 patients in over 50 hospitals, and are the only Remote Patient Monitoring provider to be registered as a Care Provider by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

ESH CareTech Matchmaking

ESH Solutions Ltd


ESH was formed by a Medical Doctor and an experienced IT professional with a vision to develop a range of Medical Healthcare solutions.

Based in Jersey, we enable global businesses to be more effective through the use of niche technology. Headed by technically competent proven professionals excelling in Business Development and working to the highest standards, we are always keen to meet new people and even collaborate with companies in order to bring new ideas to the table using our skills.

Our skills are in the development of Health Care solutions, working with Hospitals, Clinics, Trust Organisations etc.

Our Digital Health Products include: Lynch Syndrome App; Diacare; Fund and Reward; and My Epilepsy Record.

Feebris CareTech Matchmaking


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  • At Feebris, our mission is to create a world where nobody suffers because they cannot access healthcare. Together with clinicians and patients, we have developed a virtual care platform that:- Empowers healthcare teams to deliver high quality proactive healthcare out-of-hospital;- Enables patients to access healthcare close to home in an equitable and stress-free manner;- Reduces the cost and carbon footprint of healthcare delivery, whilst increasing overall capacity.The Feebris platform powers the continuum of care by supporting patients throughout proactive health and episodes of higher acuity, helping health and care teams collaborate on delivering person-centred care close to home. Deployed across more than health care sites, the platform connects care homes, GP practices, community nursing services and acute care at home.Our approach is rooted in evidence. A recent independent health-economic evaluation carried out by the York Health Economics Consortium demonstrated substantial yearly savings of £0.5m for every 1,000 patients impacted by Feebris, resulting from reductions in avoidable deterioration and hospital admissions (38% reduction in conveyances to A&E and 25% reduction in hospital admissions, with 5-6X RoI).
IoT CI CareTech Matchmaking



  • 25 years of global M2M/IoT Experience.
  • GSMA Director of the EU working group for policy and regulation of IoT
  • Part of team who developed first smart home solutions in 2001
  • Deployment for NATO on location in Afghanistan to monitor troop health & wellbeing
  • Lone worker solution for BP in South America
  • Launched the first national commercially available LoRaWAN network in the UK
  • Existing relationships with local and global industry leaders and influencers.
  • Existing supplier to Impact Jersey Open Programme 1 grant recipient.
Jersey Cheshire Home CareTech Matchmaking

Jersey Cheshire Home


LeanIT CareTech Matchmaking

LeanIT Ltd


-Comprehensive IT Services: LeanIT provides a wide range of professional IT services designed to meet your business needs.
– IT Change Programme and Project Management: With over 20years expertise and experience, we ensure successful management of IT change initiatives and projects, delivering quality outcomes.
– IT Project Delivery: Utilising Lean principles, we ensure project delivery is efficient and customer-focused.
– Tailored Solutions for Care Tech Providers: We offer customised services to collaborate with care technology solution providers, guiding and assisting through the entire Impact Jersey process from submission to delivery.
– Partner with LeanIT: Our commitment to Lean principles guarantees streamlined and effective, succesful IT project outcomes.

microtech group CareTech Matchmaking

Microtech Group


Microtech Group, in conjunction with Mysense, offer a unique solution that combines Telecare and Telehealth Digital solutions to provide a unique holistic view of an individual’s health and activity levels, with appropriate alerts being sent if any deteriorations are spotted that may lead to a critical event in the future.

We would like to work with any health or care providers to create a collaborative approach to developing solutions that meet the challenges of today and the ambitions of tomorrow.

Pairly CareTech Matchmaking



Pairly is a bold new proposition for the Social Care sector. Pairly enables Authorities and individuals to find, connect, manage and pay for all their care requirements efficiently and effectively – using real-time capacity data.

Working in unison with Provider and Commissioners across the island, Pairly will:
1. Deliver real time visibility of capacity and match supply and demand to maximise resources and efficiently find care options to support patient flow
2. Automate the search for care to save time and direct resource to the front line.
3. Put choice in the hands of the care seeker and facilitate individuals to “self serve”
4. Use data for market support based on funded and self-funded care searches across all sectors – Home Care and Residential Care
5. Build on real time data to enable collaborative strategic decision making about the future of social care on the Island. CareTech Matchmaking



As a Jersey-based IT solutions provider, I specialize in serving small businesses and Not-For-Profits within the Care sector, among others. Having recently worked as the CEO of Headway Jersey, I bring valuable insights to collaborate with stakeholders, including government bodies and hospitals, to create an integrated solution for this project. My expertise extends to being a Microsoft Partner and a Caspio Low Code provider, with a focus on understanding the needs rather than just the technology.
I am highly adaptable and enthusiastic about contributing to larger projects with a long-term commitment. With local roots, I possess firsthand experience working with Care Providers and the Long-Term Care system in Jersey. My primary goal is to enhance the lives of individuals like my 92-year-old mother, who lives independently at home thanks to the exceptional care provided by local caregivers.
My strengths lie in active listening and rapid learning. While I don’t require a full-time commitment, I am eager to contribute as part of my diverse work life. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on a broader community, initially in Jersey, and then expand our reach elsewhere.

Sure Business CareTech Matchmaking

Sure Business


Sure is eager to collaborate with innovators in the CareTech Challenge to enhance elderly care in Jersey.

Our services could be instrumental in various CareTech innovations:

• Hosted Secure and Resilient Services: Ensure that critical care applications are always available and protected.
• 4G and Soon-to-be 5G Mobile Data Capabilities: Provide robust connectivity for on-the-go care solutions and real-time health monitoring.
• 24/7 Monitored Infrastructure: Guarantee uninterrupted support and swift issue resolution for essential care systems.

We invite you to partner with us to leverage our strengths in telecom and IT, and together, we can create impactful solutions for Jersey’s elderly population.

Access Group CareTech Matchmaking

The Access Group

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Access are a UK-based software company who supply various solutions across the care space such as rostering, care-planning and learning systems. For this project we are focusing on engaging with providers who are interested in utilising technology-enabled care solutions and/or remote patient monitoring systems to pilot some new and innovative models of care to better support individuals to remain independent, give family reassurance and reduce the workload for providers.