Areas we are looking at:

Cost-Effective Farming Innovations  
We could pioneer solutions that make farming less dependent on high labour and input costs. By doing so, we’re not just keeping farming viable but also more profitable for our local farmers.

Sustainable Farming Practices  
Development of farming techniques that are environmentally friendly and enhance yield and quality.

Logistics of Local Produce  
Technologies or methods that improve the production, storage, and distribution of local produce.

Data-Driven Farm Management  
Digital tools that offer farmers real-time insights for better crop management and increased productivity.

Food System Efficiency  
Strategies to streamline the entire food system from farm to table, reducing waste and improving food distribution channels.

Community Engagement in Food Systems   
Initiatives to educate and involve the community in supporting local food systems, from production to consumption.


We’re in the initial stages of exploring this topic and this is just a conversation starter – your expertise, experience, and ideas are invaluable to us. Whether you’re a local farmer, a tech innovator, an environmental advocate, or someone passionate about Jersey’s future, your input can help shape a more sustainable and secure food system for our island.