The air quality monitoring network has been placed across all twelve parishes and the ports in Jersey to measure and report on a near real-time basis air quality results.

The data from the monitoring systems will be available to Islanders and is intended to help influence the community to make positive decisions about their vehicle use. The data collected will be validated and made widely available for research purposes to start creating real and long-lasting positive change in Jersey.

Who is Breathe Jersey?

Breathe Jersey is a community initiative focused on educating the public about air quality in Jersey and the impact it can have on low mood and disengagement. The initiative is organised by Thrive Jersey, a collective whose mission is to research and find solutions to social and environmental issues that impact mental health.

Why is air quality monitoring so important?

A recent Government of Jersey report announced that the air quality readings at Beresford Street exceeded World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality levels 14 times in 2022. While levels were within the EU Directive limit of 35 exceedances a year, it’s an important reminder of the impact that vehicle use, weather and events have on the quality of air we all breathe.

How did the initiative start?

Historically, air quality monitoring in Jersey has been undertaken by the Government of Jersey, but this was subject to limited resources, which limited data provision, community awareness and education.

As a result, Breathe Jersey was formed, working closely with Government and in particular the Environment department to align the project with the Government’s own focus on air quality. In addition to partnership with the Government, Breathe Jersey has also partnered with Clarity, who run similar initiatives in over 85 cities around the world. This gives the Island access to an extensive on and off-island network to bring the right people, projects and technology together to bring positive change to Jersey.
In order to purchase the required air quality monitoring sensors, Breathe Jersey received a grant from Impact Jersey, a Government grant scheme dedicated to funding projects that benefit the Island through the use of technology. This grant enabled the collective to purchase and install air quality monitors across the Island.

How can you get involved?

Breathe Jersey’s mission is to make this near real-time data that has been validated and is backed by the expertise of Clarity available to all Islanders. Through sharing this data transparently, the collective hopes to help the community make more informed choices about their vehicle use to create a better environment for all Islanders.

Spotlight on Success: Breathe Jersey