Why a Challenge Prize?

Stimulating Breakthrough Innovations
A challenge prize uniquely encourages a broad spectrum of participants—from startups to established tech companies, and from academic groups to independent inventors—to push the boundaries of current technology and ideas. This openness sparks novel solutions that might not emerge within the usual funding frameworks, which tend to favour more conservative, incremental advancements.

Driving Collaborative Endeavours
The competitive nature of a challenge prize fosters not just innovation but collaboration. Participants are motivated to form multidisciplinary teams, combining knowledge from different fields to create holistic solutions that address various aspects of traffic congestion.

Rapid Prototyping and Testing
Challenge prizes often set tight timelines that push teams to develop, test, and demonstrate their solutions quickly. This rapid prototyping is vital in a field like traffic management, where theoretical solutions can often differ significantly from their real-world performance.

Public and Stakeholder Engagement
Launching a challenge brings public attention to the issues of traffic congestion, engaging the community and stakeholders in discussions about potential solutions. This engagement can lead to increased support for adopting successful strategies and technologies.


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