Why a challenge prize? 

Accelerates Progress Towards Ambitious Goals 
While Jersey’s waste management and recycling systems need significant updates, a challenge prize can catalyse rapid advancements towards these ambitious goals. It can spur the development of innovative solutions that focus on sustainability, efficiency, and public health, even addressing the complex challenges of scalability and accessibility.

Providing a Platform for Innovation: 
These competitions provide innovators with a platform to test and showcase their solutions in a supportive environment. This exposure can attract further investment and support, helping innovators take their projects to the next level.

Fostering Cross-Sector Partnerships 
Challenge prizes facilitate partnerships between public, private, and nonprofit sectors. These collaborations bring together diverse resources and expertise, which can lead to more holistic and sustainable solutions than any single sector could achieve on its own.

Accelerating Market-Driven Solutions 
By offering financial incentives and recognition, challenge prizes can attract market-driven solutions that might otherwise lack funding. This accelerates the development of entrepreneurial initiatives focused on solving specific societal issues.


This is just the beginning of a broader conversation and a collaborative method to move towards a smarter, more sustainable future for Jersey’s waste management. Think you can help us solve this challenge? Get in touch.